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I draw my experience and training for coaching from over 25 years in the therapy field; where I was proficient in assessing mental health and substance abuse needs, including as a forensic counselor. My professional ethos stems from an educational perspective rather than from clinical psychiatry.  I believe I am more of an educator than therapist, and that the locus of control remains in the client to make use of what they are learning.


This approach as an educator is one that I have pursued as a coach and yoga teacher. As an experienced and certified Graphologist, my ability to analyze handwriting reveals clients’ behaviour patterns and potentially self-sabotaging traits as well as positive ones.  The practice of handwriting analysis has complemented my other education and experience in honing my intuitive abilities. My background in spiritual practice led me to add such things as reiki practice, which assists me is seeing the shifts in energy in persons.


My theoretical perspective was developed in the therapeutic field. I adopted this from having an agricultural background and eco-psychology training in socio-cultural-anthropological perspectives of behaviours. This perspective goes beyond the nature vs nurture argument and sees the person as an interactive and symbiotic organism acting within environment. Rather than looking for a comfortable status quo, this approach attempts to set forth an entirely new perspective based on observing and making use of abundance instead of based on lack.


As a Mental Health Therapist, I’ve worked with a medically assisted treatment for opioid addicts where the shift to a more coaching role naturally developed. I developed a new and specific program which saw great results in helping clients develop positive life habits.