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Intuition, divination and other tools for navigating the medical system

Wednesday December 14, 2016 comments

Intuition, Divination and Other Tools for Navigating Medical Issues in a Non-Holistic Health System

Facing the system when you need help with a medical condition is a daunting task these days; I know from personal experience. I developed osteoarthritis in my hip, apparently very common these days. This was exacerbated by being a bicycle commuter and breathing smog as well as other environmental conditions. It was also interesting to observe how being an intuitive healer myself the skills were lost but fortunately reclaimed in this journey.

I had previously developed problems but had resolved these with awareness and yoga and massage by trusting my inner guidance.

This part of the journey really began three years ago when I sought out Apex chiropractic for discomfort and paid for full body x-rays to determine what was wrong. I chose to not follow up with this office but requested my records. These were not forthcoming even when the chiropractor I was working with requested them…twice!

I proceeded then with other attempts to get relief for a condition that I did not fully realize was the issue. None of these contacts with the medical community made an effort to create a comprehensive map of what was needed. As a licensed counselor, I always do an assessment with clients to obtain the necessary information to fully understand their plight, and I am shocked when this doesn’t happen in the medical community. 

As an environmentally concerned person I tended to bike a lot and be on my feet a lot especially as a massage therapist and avid athlete. But it wasn’t until last year in September, when attending a life coaching certification that required sitting from 730am to 930pm for 4 days, that the condition really let me know what was up.

It became progressively worse and reduced my ability and desire to work, do yoga, walk or bike. I could swim but that was about it and sadly, the pain-relieving hot tub at the gym went on the fritz.

The next leg of the journey began as I was granted entry to the medical system via Medicaid, versus paying out of pocket for services.

As a Medicaid recipient it took a month to obtain an appointment. The first one concluded with a prescription for a medication with side effects such as heart attack and stroke; I turned it down after some research. Something inside me had clicked on and I followed the impulse to check it out for myself.

When I returned again in a months’ time they offered the same script in salve form…this for an inflammatory ailment and only addressing the pain issue. The third appointment included having to see a third new doctor and a new prescription. This prescription offset the effects of an out-of-pocket treatment I had paid for (even though I had brought the doctor information on platelet-rich plasma treatments) and nullified a months’ worth of treatment.

I was referred to a physical therapist that provided exercises and dry needling treatment, with some positive effect. However, an acupuncture friend educated me on the possible deleterious effects of dry needling. And, by chance/coincidence or providence, a friend referred me to a Pilates instructor, who reviewed my motions and determined I had been doing these exercises but that they were not correcting the alignment. In the process of following what the doctor ordered I had been, in effect, reducing the benefits of the out-of-system treatment. Anyway, Medicaid decided that 32 sessions would not be helpful and reduced this to 16, which had been used up prior to any real recovery.

On my last trip to the doctors, I convinced them I needed an orthopedic insert – an insight which had come to me in meditation. I actually got a referral, for which I am thankful, given that any rehabilitation to my hip was languishing due to the differences in leg length. Unfortunately, this is where the medical care was to come to a close: the infinite wisdom of Medicaid was to request a lien on my house for an unspecified amount, to be determined by them, to recover their costs… I refused and lost benefits.

Through this fog created by pain that imbued my normally good instincts with an overarching veil, I found myself coming out the other side with more clarity. After all, if I were treating a client, I would draw upon education, skill and intuition -- and have the client use these in a comprehensive manner to deal with their issues in a mind/body/spirit way.

So by applying this wisdom to my own case and using intuitive and divination tools to sort through the information with each encounter, I began to return to my centre regardless of the pain and repeated psychological trauma of trying to get treatment. I began to remove the “less ability mindset” that had been cloaked in this ailment. By using the skills of educating myself on the medical condition and then relying more on my intuitive abilities than on the plethora of sources of information out there, I was able to come to some recovery.

The journey to healing will continue as I am about halfway recovered.

It was curious to observe that in all the medical information and assistance, so little of it focused on such things as diet and other alternative therapies, which I have found to be of the most use. It is also interesting that while in this system nothing was done to address the emotional and mental aspects. These aspects of the response to injury had the most deleterious effects on my recovery and turning them around where paramount to recovery.

I have found to have the most profound effects on healing came from getting re-centered. And, it is a sad commentary that it remains that the most useful healing modalities are not within the domain of “medical care” presently. Thankful that I trusted my inner guidance!




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